Benefit Outcome
Correspondence for each job can be created/monitored/managed using standardized templates. Reduces time on Administration.
Increases productivity
Keeps documents standard
Standardised documents
•    Reduce the risk of incorrect documentation leaving the office.
•    Shows professionalism in documentation.
Less cost.
Frees up time to concentrate on other important things such as
•    Running/growing the business
•    Increasing profit levels
•    Going home earlier/having holidays
History of every action on a job is kept Allows the user to see at what stage a job is at, at any given point in time.
Useful tool to support processes and procedures when used for legal purposes or investigative reasons.
Reduces risk because you are able to view all happenings on any job.
Enhances customer service as enables any staff member to respond to queries instantly.
History can be printed and used as evidence of work completed during a job
Simplifying data entry through use of drop down boxes and templates Accuracy and consistency of data
Time savings
Less administration time.
Less cost.
Frees up time to concentrate on other important things such as
•    Running/growing the business
•    Increasing profit levels
•    Going home earlier
For Building Surveyors and Certifiers it can result in fewer inquiries from relevant Government Departments (such as Victorian Building Commission or Australian Bureau of Statistics).
Invoicing Invoice items can be preset therefore enabling charging to be consistent.
Allows items to be invoiced directly against the job.
Allows multiple invoices for a single job
Reports specifically based around invoicing
Enhanced customer service as job details readily available using invoice information.
Enhanced tracking of outstanding invoices
Improved productivity
More accurate charging of clients.
Exporting invoices to MYOB/QuickBooks No duplication of accounting work
Staff working on the job can charge accordingly – not reliant on the accounts person to complete
Less cost.
More accurate charging of clients.
Enhanced ability to monitor costs of job against income.
Record staff time, both manually and semi-automatically, directly against each job. Actual work time expended for each job is recorded.
Using the semi-automated tool reduces the instances of inaccurate recording of time.
More accurate charging of clients.
Less reliance on staff to keep manual records of time worked.
Increased profit levels through managing time incurred more accurately.
Create and manage job budgets through recording charge out rates and reports Each job can have its own budget dollars and time.
Staff charge out rates allocated and incorporated into calculating job progress.
Reports provided to help monitor the budgeted time and dollars for each job.
Enhanced ability to monitor costs of each job against income.
Increased ability to provide clients with detailed records of time worked on each job.
Improved ability to bill clients for work outside the original scope of works.
Increased profit levels through managing time incurred more accurately.
Historical data captured allows for future fee proposals to be more accurate for like jobs.
Allocate tasks awaiting completion directly to staff Priority levels and end dates can be set for each task.
Each staff member knows exactly what tasks on each job they need to complete along with how much budgeted time is remaining on the task.
Increase in productivity.
Enables staff to manage what work is to be completed.
Allows for quick identification of timing issues where work will not be completed on time or budget.
Management of jobs becomes easier.
Gives manager the option to review job and consult client before over budget.
Create checklists for the different types of jobs that you complete. Staff can easy follow what task is to be completed next.
Recording of task completion with who, when, date and comments.
These are your checklists that align to your business processes.
Set reminders for specific tasks that need to be completed.
Reports to allow ease of use in identifying job and task completion.
Enables management to quickly review job and task completion and identify areas of concern.
Makes scheduling of tasks easier.
Provides a tool to ensure all tasks relevant to any job are completed.
Reduces risk of possible litigation from not having appropriate processes and procedures in place.
File Tracking Enables staff to know immediately where files are Enhances customer services
Reduces cost through
•    time required to “find” files
•    less administrative time in creating new files
Transfer job information and relevant documents directly to your website. Customers can ‘self serve’ on your website.
Relevant job information readily accessible for clients to view.
Increases the level of customer service.
Increased customer service.
A reduction in the number of client inquiries.
Reduced cost and time spent on client inquiries.

Other features and benefits specifically for Building Surveyors and Certifiers

Benefit Outcome
Manages inspection process from permit issue to booking inspections through to inspection results in sequence. Allows Surveyor to track inspections completed/not completed
Automatic reminders to save time on manual administration.
Ability to record inspection results and comments under each inspection.
Reduces risk of possible litigation on missed inspections.
Reduces risk on possible loss of BPB registration for incomplete inspection process.
Multiple Occupancy Permits and Final Inspection Certificates can be issued on one job Allows Building Surveyor to sign off individual stages of the building work Reduces risk of building being used for when not signed off correctly.
Automated Building Commission Levy Return Saves hours of time
Improved accuracy through recording of levy and adjustments as necessary
Fewer enquiries from Building Commission.
Accurate payments of Levy to Building Commission.
Less cost.
Frees up time to concentrate on other important things such as
• Building Surveying
• Running/growing the business
• Increasing Profit Levels
Express Data Entry Screen Enables quick data entry where high volumes are encountered Enhances data accuracy
Reduces administrative time
Improved productivity.
Less cost.
Reduces enquiries from Building Commission and Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Send inspection results automatically via SMS, Fax and Email Increased customer service. Reduction in customer queries. No additional paperwork required. Reduced administrative time Improved productivity.
Less cost.
Site managers can have inspection results at the same time the result is input into XINFO. Instant results allows builders and contractors to know the status of the project and if work can continue.
Inspection results can be copied directly to builders head office.
Complete Quality Assurance Inspections for volume builders on new homes and bulk invoice for those inspections. Record detailed inspection information and comments.
Re-inspections and stages easily accommodated.
Set inspection rates to be charged automatically for approved/non-approved and re-inspections.
Provide separate, detailed reports instantly to the builder and owner.
Correctly bill for the number of inspections performed.


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